Big Cutie Lyla – Greedy And Growing Belly! ;)

Hey guys! It's that time again...time for me to stuff my face and be the greedy growing princess that I am ;) This time I am going for a classic fatty choice with a large mcdonalds combo (with ice cream too!). I love stuffing my big growing belly with greasy fast food and I tend to notice the most stretchmarks appear when I gorge myself with large quantities of fast food. All the skinny chicks leave fast food alone, but not me, I love to gorge myself, watch myself get even bigger, and then it only leads me to get fatter because I get lazier and don't want to get up because I am so heavy and have so many bulging rolls slowing me down ;) I know for a fact you will all enjoy this latest video though and I specially made it 18+ minutes so that you guys can see ALL of the gorging, not just part of it...and when you are done watching this it will be no wonder that I am as big as I am, hehe :) Enjoy!! Check this full length stuffing at:

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Lyla :)