*Big Cutie Bonnie-Stretched Out Stripes*

These leggings were apparently supposed to be plus sized but, seen as i purchased them online from China, I should have known that they would be a 'tiny' plus size and noway fit my enormous thighs or even slide over my massive arse!
They were such a struggle to get on and I even got out of breath as I wiggled and jiggled! It felt ever so hot, while I tugged and tugged at them, feeling my fat get squeezed within the confinements of the tight material! The leggings eventually became so stretched that they appeared more like grey and white stripes than black and white! Yet, what I loved and adored most, was how transparent they became, allowing my blue knickers and cellulite to shine through and dazzle you all, haha! ;)



Bonnie x0x0x