Big Cutie Brianna- Blue Jean Baby

These are my first pair of jeans in TWO YEARS! When I outgrew my old Size 28 jeans from Lane Bryant, I thought that would be
the last pair I'd ever fit into. BigCutie Boberry recommended me some jeans that *might* fit me. These were it! I purchased
size 38 online. 10 SIZES BIGGER than when I first started gaining (almost)3 years ago!  And what do you know!?
they fit, on the tighter side! but they fit none the less.   ;)

Its fall, it was a bit brisk out that day but I love cold weather, so I thought I'd get out and show off "what my momma gave me" in my Fat Jeans. hehe
I can't believe I've grown this much in 3 years, thank you so much to everyone! Its so amazing to reminisce about how small I used to be, and how huge I am now.
I love getting to share everything with you about my journey, even if its something as small as a short blurb about my jean size Now & Then   :)
*Video for this update, is a flirty little jiggling, and waddling in my jeans in the forrest.*
Fatty Cuddles,

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