Vallery is Stuffed n Strapped

Vallery has been purchased my a rich man to become part of his harem, but she's far too small for his taste. So he's locked her away in his dungeon and has tasked his slave girl Odette to regularly feed Vallery to plumpen her up. Today the master has ordered up dozens of donuts, and Odette has brought a tray full to feed to Vallery. But Vallery begs Odette to stop, that she's already eaten so much and has gained over a hundred pounds since she was first brought into the dungeon. So Odette tells her that's there's only one true way to tell if Vallery has gained enough weight; the jiggle test. Odette has to fuck Vallery with her big red strap-on to see just how much Vallery's fat body jiggles while being fucked. Unfortunately Vallery just isn't jiggly enough, so Odette starts hand feeding Vallery donuts to get her even fatter.