Big Cutie Margot’s A Playground Plumper!

Hi loves! It’s that point in the winter where I am getting cabin fever. It’s too cold, no one wants to go out and there isn’t much going on. However, I love the cold weather! Summer usually makes me feel too sticky, so I embrace the chill in the air :)

I decided to go on a little adventure at the playground and of course had to bring you with me! Not only was this a great chance for me to get some fresh air, I also had the added benefit of feeling extra fat as I wobbled around from ride to ride realizing just how much bigger I am than most of the things there - including the slide, which was WAY too small for these 60+ inch hips, lol.

 I think it might be fun to revisit the park in a few months, don’t you? :) Come check me out at and visit my lovely BC family at!