*Big Cutie Bonnie-Bloated Bathtime!*

I thought I would finally do another bath time set and show off my ever increasing curves and why I now cannot have a bath! As you will see from this video (where I almost get stuck on two occasions!), I am now so fat that even though this is a wider tub (than my last stuck bath video) my fat is so squished against the sides that... the water will not fill up past my hips!

I honestly thought that wouldn't happen in this bath tub seen as it was wider than the last one, but then seen as I have been stuffing my face constantly with fatty foods it's not that surprising! ;) I absolutely loved rubbing my wet body and heaving myself up from the bath while slaping and jiggling my fat. I think eventually I will not even be able to get out of a bath this size BUT I won't be complaining at all. Haha I am sure you won't either! ;)



Bonnie x0x0x