Vallery is Subjected to Trampoline Torture!

Vallery has just come home, hungry and ready to go to the kitchen to make herself a very LARGE snack. When she passes through the living room, she sees a mysterious exercise trampoline with a note on it. She reads the note and finds that her skinny roommate that is always teasing Vallery for her weight and eating habits, has placed a lock on the refrigerator. In order to get it removed, she has to do 20 minutes of exercise on this trampoline. As much as Vallery hates exercise, she decides to give it a try because 20 minutes doesn't sound that long and she's pretty hungry. So she starts jumping and very soon finds out just how out of shape she is. Vallery becomes winded quickly and starts to remove her clothes, hoping that being naked will make her lighter and the jumping easier. Frustrated that it hasnt helped, Vallery becomes desperate as shes exhausted and out of breath. She moans and groans, yelling at the trampoline as she nears tears. Will Vallery make it to the 20 minutes, or will she give up and decide to just go get take out instead?