*Big Cutie Bonnie-FATTEN me up for Christmas!*

Merry Christmas everyone! <3
Don't you think I look so much fatter this Christmas?! ;)
I really wish I could have worn the old Christmas costume from my previous sets, but it was so torn up from the years of my fat busting out of the seams that it almost left me naked! Haha not that I am sure any of you would complain about that!
In my Christmas set I quickly scoff down a whole chocolate cake, so quickly as if it were a tiny cupcake! While gluttonously stuffing my face I cannot help but moan and groan as I get so turned on by the sweet sugary taste and also from knowing the extra rolls it will add to my growing girth!
After I have stuffed it down I lift, grab and squeeze my belly while I talk about how much fatter I will become and how horny the cake stuffing has made me.



Bonnie x0x