Big Cutie Margot in Work Out Attempts

Hey guys! One of my roommate’s new year’s resolutions has been to start working out more. She picked up a bunch of exercise equipment that now lives in my living room. I thought it would be fun to play around with it and see just how out of shape I am. Anything that reminds me of how fat I am is always a good time to me! I played around with her weights (which were 15 lbs) and found it really hard to even hold them up because it is so unlike anything I am used to! After playing with the weights, I decided to try out the jump rope. I haven’t jumped rope since I was a little girl and OMG, is it ever difficult! It’s hard enough for me to get my feet off the ground let alone deal with the jump rope! I had a lot of fun with this playful set - and it definitely solidified that working out is NOT for me! ;p

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