An end to a good night

June 7, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Hey guys I know you remember this lovely dress well its my night out continued. As you can tell I just got back from a night of dancing …I had been out sweating so I do look a bit hot in my pics but there is nothing wrong with a hot woman. I just didn’t want any of me to go to waste, so enjoy a little bit more me lovelies.. I hope you enjoy the fat I have in store for you ?

What would you do for my Klondike bar?

April 13, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 So gentleman what would you like me to do for a Klondike bar? I think I will indulge myself in some nice hard milk chocolate coating with the creamy vanilla center. Watch me lick the icecream as it melts off my chocolate bar…mmmmm Come enjoy some messy milk chocolate heaven with me and enjoy my video as I devour my ice cream and lick my fingers clean as I get every last drop of this sweet piece of heaven

Wanna see my too itty bitty of a mini

March 30, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Yea I had a really good time squeezing in to this small mini skirt with my lace leggings but as you can see in my video I need yalls opinion from how it was and how it ended up. Check out my lovely back fat in some of these tantalizing pictures and my lovely rolls wanting to be caressed… Enjoy the video I will need an answer from you really soon!

Dont you wanna see the Devil n me :)

March 22, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 I like to get a lil devlish from time to time so please come and spank me right between my devlish tail. Also you can come rub my horns something that really turns me on and watch me walk away in my video and you can see my thick thighs whle i walk back and fourth, also watch my fat rolls roll back and fourth while I walk up to the camera to entice you….Please take your time and enjoy yourself you just might find the devil hiding inside yourself!!!

Watch me squeeze into my Itty bitty corset

March 8, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Well I decided to squeeze my luscious rolls into this iddy biddy corset set just for you guys watch me huff and puff ,while my (guest appearance) wonderful friend Szalynn pulls and tugs on this corset to get it on as we squeeze all my beautiful fat and see it juggle when she adjusts the corset to get it to shut and enjoy some wonderful pics of me falling out of the top once I adjust my bountiful breasts . see my sexy ass and rolls in the tiny panty set that came with my corset…

Guest appearance from the one and only Chubbietatts

February 28, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Hey guys I have a sneak peek guest appearance from the wonderful Chubbietatts, she has unveiled some never before seen pictures only for you guys to see. So come on in and check her out …. You will not be disappointed here is also a link to her facebook fan page There will also be a little bit of me to go around….

Sunshine loves to dance around and undress just for you!!

February 23, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Hey guys you wanna see me dance around to a great song and watch me jiggle back and fourth as i dance, watch my lovely rolls swinging side to side, watch my dress roll up past my rolls while I dance around and when its gets a lil hot from dancing you get to see what I got on underneath as I take it off for you.

Sunshine’s Valentines Day Special

February 14, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Well gentleman did yall get a dose of Valentines day love? If you didn’t come fill yourself up with me and my lovely chocolate sweets.. watch the caramel drip from my lips while I wear my sexy Valentines Day outfit just for you. Come roll the dice and see what I would like to do to you.  Indulge yourself in my sexy video and just see what I have in store for you! Oh yah guys gets your subscription in soon, pricing goes up to 13.99 come March 1st…. Happy Valentines Day!!