What a huge ass/thigh/belly!!

October 4, 2013 zsalynn 0

Just updated to www.bigfatchics.com is a new set of photos of this huge ass attempting to squish myself into this tiny yet very expensive chair.  Yep, while staying at the LA Athletic Club I did break a few pieces of furniture but as you can see I made it out unharmed.  Im sure that most www.bigfatchics.com don't get to spend much time in that place but I know you will enjoy these photos.

Completely naked

July 15, 2013 zsalynn 0

just updated at www.bigfatchics.com is a new set of pictures of me strutting around completely naked.  So you you love to see just how much this big belly hangs down, then this is the time to check out www.bigfatchics.com.  In this sample pic it looks like I have a double, maybe even a triple chin but once I stand up and that belly drops… its all gets pulled down.  Come on over and love this check out.

Busting out of my panties.

June 28, 2013 zsalynn 0

tonight i updated new pictures and video to www.bigfatchics.com of me squeezing into a tiny hotel chair and attempting to tug the sliding door open.  That door was stuck so in the video there is lots of movement as I tug and pull to get the door to open.  The pictures of me have me in the in the biggest pair of panties I can find and Im still hanging out the bottom of them.  Come to www.bigfatchics.com and enjoy

Spending time at the Ranch

May 4, 2013 zsalynn 0

I just updated a ton of photos and video from some fun times I had at the ranch at www.bigfatchics.com .  After a long day of playing in the creek and cactus here is how I look in the AM.  Unfortunately I didn't take enough food to last the whole 2 days so If I look a little peckish its because I was starving.  I made it from the bedroom to the living room before I need to stop and take a break.  So come on over to www.bigfatchics.com and let me know what you think of my morning pics.. lol

Come and Get it…

April 25, 2013 zsalynn 0

updated 2 videos and a new set of pictures at www.bigfatchics.com of me in different stages of undress.  Not sexy enough for you, then check out the videos where I am attempting to have a nice long walk to the pool.  Yep there is lots of wobble and that walk that seems so long is really only about 15 feet.. so check out this big fat belly and ass shake as I walk away from your drooling lips… only at www.bigfatchics.com

Why is this door so dam small????

March 30, 2013 zsalynn 0

www.bigfatchics.com just updated some pictures and video of me squeezing into my bathroom at home.  I was going in to have a shower and I don't really fit through the door anymore so I have to turn sideways.  Well as you might have guessed I don't fit through that way very well either. Please come on over to www.bigfatchics.com and watch me squeeze through the door and then shimmy into the shower where turning sideways doesn't always work.


March 22, 2013 zsalynn 0

DAM!  I need a chair without arms.  I added some pictures and video at www.bigfatchics.com  of my big fat ass trying to squeeze into this tiny chair.  Yep as you will see, its in the kitchen but I needed to make some lunch and I can't stand for very long so I had to move the office chair in there.  So please roll on over to www.bigfatchics.com and check out the newest update.  Don't forget to take pity on my when you see the awful red marks on my fat thighs from that tiny chair.

Bouncing and squashing

March 8, 2013 zsalynn 0

Tonight after a yummy dinner out I came home to see this little guy laying around not doing any housework so I showed him what I thought about that.  Updated pictures and a 7 minutes video at www.bigfatchics.com of the punishment I gave him.   I sat on his face so long he got a big drool spot on my big sexy black panties.  So come on over to www.bigfatchics.com and check out the pictures and video.  Lots of bouncing and misbehaving going on.

Tight Squeeze!

March 2, 2013 zsalynn 0

OMG. I just updated 2 hot video's of me attempting to wiggle into these workout pants at www.bigfatchics.com.  I had a fleeting thought of going out to get some exercise but after the huffing and puffing of getting into these pants I was tooo tired.  So if you wanna see the video run on over to www.bigfatchics.com and check it out.  There are pictures too but you really must see all that went on in order to get them pulled up.  The shirt was battle that I gave up on.


Balloon vs Big Butt

February 15, 2013 zsalynn 0

While decorating for a party I thought it would be fun to bounce up and down on some of the balloon.  Come on over to www.bigfatchics.com and see me attempt to sit on a big balloon. It was hard to get them to stay under my big ass but when they did stay, they didn't really stand a chance when I gave them some good poundage.  So if you wanna see my huge ass in these sexy white pants bouncing on those innocent balloons, come on over.

Updated pictures and VIDEO of the popping of the balloons at www.bigfatchics.com

Massive Mocha makes massive moans with her big ass..

February 15, 2013 zsalynn 0

Mocha gives this guy some serious crush at www.massivemocha.com.  You can hear him moaning like a bitch in heat and begging for mercy.  She is so good and cruel that she just stays right were she is to make sure he feels every inch of her huge ass and massive thighs.  At www.massivemocha.com they are having a great time showing you how much weight her tiny friend can not take. 


Fresh Squeezed OJ: with my ass!!@.@

February 9, 2013 zsalynn 0

Just updated at www.bigfatchics.com a new set of pictures and 2 videos of me being silly in the kitchen. I needed some flat bread so I sat on a big loaf to see if that would work, then I make some as fresh as you can get juice when I plot my big fat ass down on 2 little oranges. I know I didn't get the keep the juice but it sure is fun to watch those little things pop right open. I also sat on some bananas and you will be so surprised to see what happened to them. Come on over to www.bigfatchics.com and check out the 2 newest videos with some really hot close up action.