Super Savings! New February Combo Clip!

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I figured I would make a combo clip of 4 of my favorite and best selling clips from the month of February! I've also marked down my immobility fantasy clip with Madalynn! I didn't include it in the clip since I know that not everyone shares in my risqué and taboo fantasy!

The following clips are included in this month's combo clip:

-Nexus & Ivy: Reactions to 9 Years of Weight Gain
-Thin Models React to My Weight
-Nexus & Ivy: Doctor's Office Piggy
-Ivy's Gaining Tips & Tricks

All clips sold separately would cost $26.96, get all 4 in this new combo clip for just $14.99! Madalynn & Ivy: My Immobility fantasy has been marked down to $7.99 from $9.99.

Hope you enjoy!!