Big Cutie Lyla – Weight Update! ;)

So I let you, my fans, take a vote and it seems like a lot of you wanted a weight update, so that is what you are all going to get! :) Now its been a while since I had my last weight update and I'm sure you are all very curious. Remember, when I first started gaining I was only 180, then I was about 260 or so when I joined bigcuties and my blog has my weight update from a couple months ago, and now I am where I'm at now. Lets just say I've been quite the naughty piggy and I hope this picture does my weight justice; keep in mind that I am pretty tall, but I think I put on the weight really well ;) I've been stuffing my face and maybe I should watch what I eat or I might start getting fat... woops that already happened! hehe ;) Check out my entire weight gain journey on my blog and my latest weight gain update. I feel like I am starting to look at big as models such as Juicy Jacqulyn and it only makes me want to gain more because of how sexy I am looking ;)

P.s. it is VERY fun to compare this pic and other recent pics to when I first started, my lower tummy hangs soo low now and it is so sexy; nothing is sexier than to see all the weight I've gained. I will post some perfect weight comparison pics for you guys too ;) The only thing better is to be experiencing it and I thank you all for the food donations you have given me ;) Enjoy!

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