Fatasha Raids the Fridge!!

www.ssbbwfatasha.com or bbwsurf.com/fatasha is updated with 40+ photos and a nice 2 minute video!

I am raiding the fridge in this photo set! I love this picture set for the fact that it showcases
all my beautiful and creamy fat rolls! Just so seems that i had a pan of Key Lime Cheesecake bars
and some pepperoni and cheese. i just like to randomly snack on these things because they are easy
...and fattening! I can just reach for them and stuff myself silly! I really need to find my forever
feeder so i can just lay around immobile and eat all the time!
The video shows me having some of my snacks!

I think you will love this photo set+ Video.

Starting Friday Dec. 5th in my next update i will be gearing my media towards my gaining journey
which will show lots of eating. Also, I will be doing a lot more squashing and wrestling. That type
of thing! So i do hope you will join me. Have a nice Holiday season y'all! Love,Fatasha