BigCutie Ellie ~ Large and Lucky

St Patrick's Day had me asking one question, are you feeling lucky???  I sure am feeling lucky to have a full round big belly and I love showing it off for you!  I love the holidays as you know and i have so much fun playing in this video.

It is not easy for me to pull all of my fats up on top of this way to wobbly bed.  I manage it though and I have too much fun jumping around like a little kid.  You have to see all of my flubbery fats shaking and smacking all around as I jump, it is quite the vision.  I love the way they jiggle and wobble. It is not just my belly that wobbles but all of me from my super fat arms to my jiggly jibs.  I am doing my own kind of Irish jig. Jumping is work for this huge girl and I am left winded and out of breath.

I drop down and decide a little belly play is in order and I find a really interesting spot to put my rainbow of treats!! This video is almost as epic as my gigantic belly!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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