SSBBWS BigmommaKat & Kimmy Crush Tag Team FatAdmirer (FA)

SSBBWS BigmommaKat & Kimmy Crush Tag Team Fat Admirer (FA)

This is an absolute stunner! SSBBW Kat and SSBBW Kimmy are about as powerful duo as we have in the squash arena. And this lucky (?) little Norwegian finds himself laying on a mattress with these two giant goddesses towering over him ready to pulverize him. They sit, bounce, and drop all over him. With most of the dropping, he flinches and curls up before they land. This dismays them, as it hurts when they land on him. What's more is they can't stick their landings... they immediately roll off. This is one of the few videos where you'll see extra behind the scenes footage where Kat and Kimmy take a timeout to scold him. They sit there, all 1100-1200 lbs of them, yelling about how much of a pussy he's being and that if he doesn't stop flinching they're going to hurt him. They're seriously pissed. Kat tells him to close his eyes before they drop so that he doesn't flinch. Imagine having a 600 lb woman fall on you without being able to see it!! After the scolding the demolition continues and the Little Norwegian is pushed to his max.

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