*Big Cutie Bonnie-Maximum Capacity!*

I love nothing more than squeezing my fat self into my tiny old clothes (as I'm sure many of you know!) So I was ecstatic when I randomly found a pair of my old black tights and jeggings from years ago!
When I last wore these I would have been around 10-12 stone (140-168 lbs) and as I have more than doubled that, I couldn't wait to struggle into them!
Of course as you can imagine my thick thighs were bursting out against the seams, so much so, that there were many rips and tears! Although, I must admit, I was extremely happy about that!
It felt so erotically hot to feel the tight material straining against my fat arse and chunky thighs! I could feel it against me getting tighter and tighter before feeling my fat rolls escaping the seams!
I hope you love all my huffing and puffing as I struggle into A size 10 and with my size 26/28 legs that is NOT easy!
However, it is and was seriously HOT! ;)



Bonnie x0x0x