Madaynn & Ivy: My Evil Feeder Doctor

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Ivy's can't seem to stop growing! She is very fat and getting fatter! Concerned, she visits Dr. Madalynn who is a specialist in weight loss and management. Dr. Madalynn suggests an experimental new slimming shake treatment. Ivy agrees to give it a try. Dr. Madalynn wheels in a strange looking contraption, but Ivy doesn't think twice! If the doctor says it will help, then it must! Ivy begins to notice a strange full feeling. It even feels like she might be getting fatter with every pump!! She tells the Doctor and she reassures her that everything is fine and keeps pumping her full of the mysterious slimming shake. Finally, Dr. Madalynn tells her the truth, the slimming shake is actually a very potent shake used to fatten hogs!!! Ivy panics and attempts to escape, but Dr. Madalynn holds her down and keeps pumping. She confesses that she loves fat girls and is going to keep her in the office all night and keep fattening Ivy until she is so big she can't fit through the doorway to escape!