BigCutie Candi – Pudgy in a Parka

March 31, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

I bought this parka like 6 years ago from Victoria's Secret PINK and recently tried it on to find out it is much more snug than it used to be. It used to be a bit big on me and fit much lower to my butt and well, not so much anymore! I decided to head outdoors and take a little ride on the swing in my cute little outfit and give you a little peep show. I hope nobody saw!


Whitney Inspects Her Piggy ~ Video Update

March 30, 2013 ivy 0

This video might just be the hottest thing that I've ever filmed, ever! Well, if you're into the same kinda stuff as I am anyway…  Watch as Whitney inspects her piggy to see how fat she's gotten. She pokes, prods, jiggles and teases me and forbids me to communicate in any way other than oinking! This is one video update that you do not want to miss!

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Backyard Bunny ~

March 30, 2013 BigCutie MizzPuss 0


What's that beautiful fat girl doing on a sofa in the middle of her backyard? Apart from looking totally gorgeous and sexy, showing off my newest corset and displaying myself for some VERY saucy photos – Im being your backyard Bunny. I wore the bunny set last year so this year I wanted to dress up a lil different and just be cute. It was a silly idea, but I think it worked.It was such a lovely warm day here down under, and I couldn't resist getting out in the great outdoors and letting the sunlight play across my bountiful curves!

I hope you enjoyed me being your backyard bunny and that you have a great holiday weekend!

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Oh my thats smokin hot!

March 30, 2013 redhottie 0

Great shot of Luscious Amazon by parrothead_FA wow I am a loss for words.  As you all know that seldom happens.  Luscious is a lovely girl inside and out and we enjoyed getting to know her.  She is also talented and makes wonderful hemp jewlery.  If you  would like to see this set then join this week and you can meet Luscious and all the other 79 ladies on our site.  We are here 24/7 and all of us have a smile for our members.  We put the fat in Phatgirlz. REDhottie  I put wendy wett and desiree and platinum on sale till the first.

Seam Busting Beauty

March 30, 2013 BigCutie BoBerry 0

I bought this sexy shiny black dress from a fellow web model, thinking it would fit me, but it turned out to be a bit too small. However something tells me you'll like the way this dress doesn't fit me. :D!!

Watch me model this sexy dress as I bask in the glow from a sunny window. My enormous ass and thighs even ended up splitting a seam! Another piece of clothing destroyed by my fatness… but when you're this chunky, who needs clothes???  ;D

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Big Cutie Lyla – *Wild N’ Wet!* ;)

March 30, 2013 BigCutieLyla 0

Some days I'm just feeling extra naughty and love to eat a huge meal, relax, and take warm bath to get all wet and slippery ;) Watch me have no restraints as I go into the tub completely naked, and covered by the never ending rolls, but still love the naughty feeling of being seen utterly nude ;) Come join me as I  try and fit my fat rolls into my tub, which is growing ever tighter and has become quite the turn on for me. See me get wet and wild, truly like never before. Check me out and I know you will enjoy this latest set…my fattest, most sensual set to date ;)

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Lyla :)

Wanna see my too itty bitty of a mini

March 30, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Yea I had a really good time squeezing in to this small mini skirt with my lace leggings but as you can see in my video I need yalls opinion from how it was and how it ended up. Check out my lovely back fat in some of these tantalizing pictures and my lovely rolls wanting to be caressed… Enjoy the video I will need an answer from you really soon!

Whitney &amp; Ivy: Fatten Me Up Like I’m You’re Prized Piggy! ~

March 30, 2013 ivy 0

This is an update that you won't want to miss! Whitney Morgan has decided to turn me into her prized piggy and is committed to fattening me up way past my wildest dreams! She grabs my huge belly and jiggles it, teases me about how huge I've become, and feeds me so many snack cakes that  I think I may burst! I am loving every single second of it! It's a dream come true! Check out the set and video at!

And for more of Whitney and me, plus all of my other skinny girl friends be sure to check out my clips4sale store!

Why is this door so dam small????

March 30, 2013 zsalynn 0 just updated some pictures and video of me squeezing into my bathroom at home.  I was going in to have a shower and I don't really fit through the door anymore so I have to turn sideways.  Well as you might have guessed I don't fit through that way very well either. Please come on over to and watch me squeeze through the door and then shimmy into the shower where turning sideways doesn't always work.

Big Cutie Trysta ~ Green with Fat Envy!

March 29, 2013 BigCutieTrysta 0

Watch me struggle and strain to squeeze myself into this waist cincher. The suspenders are super tight and press and strain against my creamy thighs and butt as I bend and flex. If you’re as envious of all this sexy fat as I am, then join me for all the fun!

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Sateen’s sexy pie stuffing

March 29, 2013 redhottie 0

Don't miss Sateen stuffing herself full of fattening pie this week at . She devours a whole plate of mini pies loaded with whipped cream, and gets quite messy in the process. She teases you, and licks up the cream off her big tits, rubbing and patting her full belly. You even get to hear the digestion sounds coming from her contented belly as it growls and rumbles happily working on all that pie. Belly fetish guys will love this one, she even shows off her swollen belly for the cam from above, and has an unbelievable series of growls as you view her big, stretchmarked belly. Join SSBBWs Gone Wild today for the hottest fat fetish action around, with some of the wildest fatties around. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

BigCutie Cherries – Frills &amp; Thrills w/ Special Guest!

March 28, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

Hey Guys! I know how much everyone loved seeing Lyssa's set recently, so here is another one for you!
In this one Lyssa has on some sexy frilly panties that I'm sure will give you a thrill ;)


More Cherries!

Luscious Amazon is a big booty cutie!

March 28, 2013 redhottie 0

Check out Luscious Amazon in part 2 of her butterfly panty set this week at . This bottom heavy beauty has lots of great angles of her huge ass and gigantic thighs in this week's update for all you pear lovers. Join today and see the whole set and video, and remember, when you join you get dozens of big beautiful babes all under one roof in exclusive content. With weekly updates, there's always something new, so come see the biggest, best collection of sexy fatties all in one place at Redhot Phatgirlz. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

BigCutie Echo~Kitchen Cutie Part 2

March 28, 2013 BigCutie Echo 0

Did you got to enjoy my Kitchen Cutie Part 1? Were you wondering if I ended eating up my breakfast? Now you get to see me gobble up my delicious breakfast. There's nothing better that hot french toast and sausages with butter and warm syrup. YUMMM…I think I am getting hungry all over again. lol

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Kiss my favorite……

March 28, 2013 Asshley 0

That's right guys, Kiss was my favorite band from the 80's.  I just updated a retro set of photos of me in my sexy concert t-shirt and some very sexy black thong panties at  I love that t-shirt and I know after you take a look at just how good it looks on me you will love it to.  So dance your way over to and check out my version of "Detroit Rock City."

I accidentally crushed my skinny friend’s sofa to pieces!

March 28, 2013 ivy 0

Nexus invites Ivy over for a sleep over. The girls are excited to eat popcorn and candy and watch a few movies. Nexus tells Ivy to take a seat on her brand new sofa while she gets the snacks. Ivy plops down and the tiny sofa completely collapses beneath her massive weight! Ivy is SO embarrassed and slightly tuned on. Nexus comes back from the kitchen and is so pissed! Ivy tries to switch sides to show her that it isn't completely broken and she somehow manages to crack the other side! How mortifying! Nexus is not a happy camper and teases and belittles her fat friend.

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BigCuties Bonanza-Kelly Update! Cupcake Stuffing Video!!

March 28, 2013 BigCuties 0

We've got another Kelly update for you, and we know you're going to love it!! This chunky cutie loves working on her body, eating all her favorite foods and treats to pack on the pounds, and in this set she's even stuffing herself with cupcakes!! Don't miss out on this bubble butt babe!

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Chubby Bunny

March 27, 2013 BigCutieVallery 0

I have always loved Easter ever since I was a little girl, and there’s one big reason for that; THE EASTER BASKET! I loved waking up every Easter morning and finding a basket filled with all sorts of yummy sweets. I get so excited when stores start to put out all their Easter candy and even as an adult, I always treat myself to a big basket of goodies. Join me in my special Easter themed set while wear my cute little bunny ears and enjoy a big full basket of peanut butter eggs, Peeps, a solid chocolate bunny and Cadbury Eggs (my favorite!). This candy stuffing is for sure to make me your chubby bunny!

Hippity Hop, Easter’s on its Way!,

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Tight White Tank Top

March 27, 2013 krisann 0

When I stay at friend’s houses overnight I like to wear a tank top and panties to bed. I feel so sexy and comfy at the same time, that’s the best feeling…hehe… This time I wore my white tank and when it’s cold you can see how hard my nipples get. Would you like if I stayed at your house for the night? Do you want to see what’s under my tank? I bet you do, so come on in and see. CLICK HERE AND WATCH MY TITS AND ASS POP OUT THIS TIGHT OUTFIT!

BigCutie Veelynn – Hipster &amp; Curves

March 27, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

This is in my top favorite sets ever, and I'm excited to finally be sharing it with you guys. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <3

Aside from their sense of entitlement and musical elitism, I really like the hipster style. Its off kilter and interesting. This is one of my first sets and was also one of my favorites, I love the way the natural light set my hair on fire and highlighted every curve and slope of my body. My soft round bottom in cut off denim shorts. The breeze felt nice on my bare flesh exposed for the camera. Hope you enjoy this set as much as I did.

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BigCutie Britt Compares as a Blue &amp; White Delight!

March 27, 2013 BigCutieBritt 0

Hey guys! I stumbled across some pictures of me from nearly four years ago, and remembered that I had that same shirt in my closet, still! So I pulled it on and decided to take some pictures to see if my body wears the shirt differently now! Well, what do you think? I think there may be a little bit of a difference… if you know what I mean! ;) hehehe, come find out with a handful of comparison photos!


Find all of the BigCuties' Updates here!

These Pies Go Right To Sateen’s Chubby Thighs!

March 27, 2013 redhottie 0

This week at, Sateen stuffs herself with mini pies covered in whipped cream. But this little fatty can't stop there. She eats the whipped cream right from the can, lapping it up as it squirts all over her, and even spraying it on her boobs so she can lick it off and show off. Plenty of video as she eats a whole plate full of little pies, stuffing big pieces in her mouth, and licking her lips greedily. And we've recorded the rumbles and growls from her stomach as it contentedly digests this latest stuffing. Once she's done eating, Sateen shows of her expanded belly from some great POV angles as you listen to it's full rumblings. There's even a couple epic growls that sound like a hungry lion on the loose at the end. A belly and stomach fetish lover's dream. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Exercise &amp; Expand*

March 27, 2013 bigcutiebonnie 0

Hi everyone :)

Does anyone remember this clutter t shirt that used to sit past my hips?

Well after months I decided to wear it in my long overdue exercise video!

I think now it suits me a lot better, what do you think? ;)

I Hope you all love watching me struggle while attempting 10 sit-ups, straining to get past my big belly to do stretches and getting breathless while doing star jumps!

Bonnie & Jigglypuff

BigCutie CaitiDee is a Big Bunny Babe!

March 27, 2013 caitidee 0

I channeled my inner bunny right in time for Easter this year. I would love to be a fat, fluffy bunny spending all my days lounging about and nibbling on food. I'd prefer pizza and fried chicken and cake and ice cream to carrots and grass, though. ;)

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Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Curvy Nurse Bares Her Ample Curves Outdoors!

March 26, 2013 redhottie 0

It's spring in Florida, and Curvy Nurse decided to take a walk on some nature trails by the shore. Of course, she couldn't resist getting a little naughty, and decided to flash her goodies when no one was looking. Bet you wish you could have gotten a peek at this voluptuous redhead's massive curves from behind the trees. Now that's a sighting worth remembering! Check out this sexy outdoor set and video this week at , and join to see all the fat and sexy ladies we've got inside. It's the place to be for quality BBW adult entertainment. Rockin' your fat girl world, REDhottie

Hands on giantess shot of Asia

March 25, 2013 redhottie 0

Wow talk about being in your face hows this for perspective from a mans point of view.  Do you not wish you were our photographer.  Yummy yummy big ole tummy…..See more at and get some clips from store or get aclips membership over 100 clips you can watch for a mth.  Memberships are only 19.95 and rebill at 18.95 get to steppin ….redhottie is givin away a few memberships to members that come in this week to another site.

Pigging Out On Taco Bell And Feeding Those Luscious Rolls &amp; Curves!

March 23, 2013 redhottie 0

 Asha Cherry devours several soft tacos and burritos in this week's update. This busty and curvy beauty chows down while you watch, complete with a face stuffing mini movie so you can see her finish all her burritos, and even hear the growls and groans of her stomach working on all that food! Bet those calories are going to those big dimpled thighs. She even stands up to give you some awesome POV angles of her soft, squishy belly and huge tits while you hear some epic growls and gurglescome from her stuffed belly. Great set for food fetish and belly fetish fans. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

Nicole Lift and Carries 95 lb Constance Like a Toy

March 23, 2013 DirtyLittleDiva 0

Who new lift and carry was so popular, haha!!!   Good thing I have loads of fun with it! Tossing these skinny
chicks around like rag dolls makes for a highly amusing time. See this and more My newbie squashee, Constance, was a little intimidated and scared, but she got through it.  Lifting her 95 pound body wasn't too hard, I think I could lift and carry more!

See this update among other great ones at or purchase by clip at

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!!!


Fireside Fatty With Fat Chat Video!

March 23, 2013 BigCutie BoBerry 0

Cozy up with me next to this warm inviting fireplace. We can cuddle, touch, and enjoy a nice cool morning together. I love winter mornings with a warm fire!!! They make me feel so sensual and happy! Won't you join me?? :D

Also, be sure to check out the video along with this set to hear all about what I've been up to lately, and how it was for me to fly in a plane for the first time in years!

<3 BoBerry
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