Fetish Festival

June 30, 2013 Kristine Cumz 0

Fetish Festival

Every year, there is a convention in Tampa called FetishCon. I love playing with fetishes – every type is sexy and interesting to me! But I think my favorite is leather! Well, and maybe being tied up … but that's a whole different update!

These are photos that were taken while at the convention over the years – and yes, that is definitely me on a downtown Tampa street wearing a leather corset dress! I love being just a little on the wild side!

Kisses ~ Kristine

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Soft, bulging marshmallow fluff curves… Angie Kimber’s sexy nude body rocks!

June 29, 2013 redhottie 0

Just look at all those soft, flowing curves and rolls of jiggly flesh. Don't miss this sexy update of Angie Kimber this week at www.redhotphatgirlz.com . This 400 lb beauty has curves for days, and just loves showing off all her jiggly fat for you. Don't miss the sexy fat play videos with this set when you join. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Two oiled up and sexy bulging beauties making out under the summer sun

June 29, 2013 redhottie 0

This week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com don't miss Lolla Blaze sunning herself with girlfriend Trudy Michelle. These two mega babes rub oil all over each other's jiggling rolls in this hot new set. Plenty of fat play as they rub and massage each other's gigantic rolls and huge tits, squeezing the soft, squishy fat while they kiss and make out. Now that's the kind of thing that puts the heat in summer! Kisses, REDhottie

Up close and personal… pov shot of Shawna Blu’s massive belly and legs

June 28, 2013 redhottie 0

http://www.clips4sale.com/store/38785 new clips for sale.  This is the most massive looking hd shot of one of us i have ever seen.   Shawna has a fantastic body from a fa's point of view. Shes got dimply cellulite and beautiful curves and the most gorgeous face and adorable feet and hands.  If you do not drool over this picture then your dead. Join http://www.redhotphatgirlz.com today.  Seriously rockin your worlds…..REDhottie

Busting out of my panties.

June 28, 2013 zsalynn 0

tonight i updated new pictures and video to www.bigfatchics.com of me squeezing into a tiny hotel chair and attempting to tug the sliding door open.  That door was stuck so in the video there is lots of movement as I tug and pull to get the door to open.  The pictures of me have me in the in the biggest pair of panties I can find and Im still hanging out the bottom of them.  Come to www.bigfatchics.com and enjoy

Bigcutie Kennedy is Squished and Sexy

June 28, 2013 BigCutieKennedy 0

Hey there… I bet you have always wondered what it would be like to see me all squished right?!? Well its your lucky day, check out my new set and see the true meaning of squished!

XOXO Kennedy

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Sasha’s Black Out Sexy!

June 27, 2013 BigCutieSasha 0

The first time I wore this outfit, it was snug fitting but decent. Trying it on again years later I heard the threads of this fragile lingerie ripping apart as I pulled it over my huge belly. I love looking at my old pics and seeing how I have filled out since then! I suspect the next time I try this on it won't be able to get above my hips. But lucky for you I love giving you guys a show so enjoy this set and the sexy video of me bouncing around with my jiggly belly and showing off all my glorious rolls for you.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs


Lots of places to kiss

June 26, 2013 Asshley 0

Updated at www.bigbootyasshley.com in a retro set of photo's with me in the sexy blue lace panties and one of my favorite T-shirts with lots of kisses.  I just love these big stretchy panties and the way my big fat ass takes them up.  They look so big when I hold them up like this in the picture but once I get my fat ass into them, there is not an ounce of extra room.  So come on over to www.bigbootyasshley.com and check out this set of pictures.  I promise these panties are the only thing you will have that's blue. 

Hottie in the Hot Tub

June 26, 2013 naughtynixx 0

Finally back from vacation and getting back into the swing of things..Todays update…
Recipe for fun. Knee-high socks, apron, a HOT TUB and ME. Sound good to you? I know you will enjoy this set as I get all WET in a hot tub and of course strip down to nothing and show it all. If you like my perky tits, my sexy look, BEAUTIFUL Booty and well, all of me I know you will enjoy this set and Please feel FREE to enjoy yourself to me. Don't forget to join my site to see all my sets and to get full access to over 17,000 of my pictures that I know will keep you cuming back to Naught Nixx. Cum Join Me Today!! xoxoxo

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Massive curves all covered in oil, Lolla Blaze and Trudy Michelle get their tan

June 26, 2013 redhottie 0

If you love two massive beauties tanning under the summer sun, then don't miss this weeks update at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com . Lolla Blaze and Trudy Michelle oil up each other's gigantic rolls and huge asses before they lay out. Lots of sexy fat play as the girls squeeze and jiggle each other's squishy rolls, the soft fat rippling and shaking. They begin playing with each other's huge tits, massaging the massive mounds of flesh while they make out. Great oiled up fat play video too. I think the summer just got hotter! Rockin' your world, REDhottie

BigCutie Cherries – Unwrap Me

June 24, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

I love this set and I think it came out super sexy. I'm not sure which part is my favorite, the bra you have to unwrap, the garters, the fishnets…I think it's a little bit of everything. What's your favorite part?

Also check out my members only blog for previews of some of my upcoming sets! =)

More Cherries!

Skylar Delight’s soft, roly poly plushness at Redhot Phatgirlz

June 24, 2013 redhottie 0

Here's a great pic from Skylar Delight's latest gallery at www.redhotphatgirlz.com that shows off her sexy double belly and plush curves. Skylar is a busty beauty with an abundance of soft rolls and folds, and she looks amazing in this set. You'll get access to dozens of big, sexy models when you join Redhot Phatgirlz, from plump cuties to supersized beauties, all in exclusive pro shot content. It's the place to be for fine BBW adult entertainment. 9 years on the web bringing you the hottest BBWs and freshest content always for an unbeatable low price. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Chocolates for chubby~

June 24, 2013 BigCutie MizzPuss 0

Few things make me happier than receiving lovely presents. And for my birthday I received a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend in the the UK. Yes, that's 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY GODDESS' spelled out in chocolate! If there's one type of personalized gift that's going to win over a fat girl, it's going to be a chocolately personalized gift. Of course quite a few letters disappeared very quickly. But luckily for all you I managed to hold off long enough to shoot a sexy set with this gorgeous gift! Enjoy!

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BigCutie Veelynn – Plump Pinup <3

June 23, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

This photoshoot was by far my most favorite. I love the pin ups of the 40's and early 50's. I took inspiration from them for this set. Red lips, black heals, and a little allure. Appealing poses, with my hair cascading down my plump back, continuing over my ample shelf, to my soft round butt. Hopefully I was able to channel some of those gorgeous goddesses of the past. Maybe in the look in my eyes, the arch in my back, or the kicking curves of my body. Enjoy :) And don't forget "We can do it!" I can do it… hehe.

Peace Out Boy Scouts,

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Struttin’ on the Stairs: Part 2

June 23, 2013 BigCutieVallery 0

My very first set as a BigCutie was Struttin' on the Stairs, where I posed and showed off my smaller, 250 lbs body for you on my stairs. A year later, I wanted to recreate my opening set by putting on the exact same outfit to see how much my body as changed during my first year as a BigCutie. It’s pretty easy to see that a year’s worth of indulging in my favorite foods for you on camera has really added to my curves. Join me in my One Year Anniversary Update for this sexy comparison set and see just how much I’ve changed.

Happy Anniversary!


*Big Cutie Bonnie-Stuffed Stewardess*

June 23, 2013 bigcutiebonnie 0

Hi everyone! <3

Before I did this set I stuffed myself with loads of food and alcohol, I needed a day where I could just laze about and stuff myself like a big fat pig! :D

I got this costume in a UK size 20 and it was so difficult to squeeze my fat self into it.  Luckily it is a stretchy kind of material otherwise I would have had no chance!  I loved how tight it was against my body; making my huge fat belly stand out even more and how tight it was on my big flabby arms!

I felt so sexy in this dress, I hope you all love this set! x



Bonnie x0x0x

Fitting Room Frustration

June 23, 2013 BigCutie BoBerry 0

I decided to give a fitting room video a shot for the first time. I love shopping and thought it would be fun to bring you along on my adventure. On this particular trip though, I had the hardest time finding clothes that fit my giant body.

Join me in the dressing room and watch as I try on dress after dress, struggling to squeeze my fat into clothing that just wasn't made for someone my size. Luckily, in the end I ended up finding a few things that fit…but only after almost getting myself stuck in a dress that I desperately wanted to buy!

<3 BoBerry
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Stuffing her face and filling her fat belly, Tiffy Kitten finishes a whole pizza

June 22, 2013 redhottie 0

New model Tiffy Kitten devours an entire large pizza this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com while you watch. She rubs her big belly to make room as she fills up on pizza and milk, and shows off her soft squishy belly and big tits for you. A 14 minute stuffing video gets you in on the action, as well as lets you hear the contented rumblings and growlings from her full belly. SSBBWs Gone Wild is the place to be for the best in fat fetish action. You'll love watching our fatties go wild! Rockin' your world, REDhottie