BigCutie CALLIE: Morning Glory

I know you may not believe me when I say this, but I am not really an exhibitionist. Sure I like to show off in my photos, but when it comes to intimacy I am quite shy. That's why taking these photos in front of an open window, where any early morning passerby could easily spot me, was risque for me. Not to mention this wasn't even my place, but a friend's that I happen to be visiting and these were being taken without their knowledge. It made me feel anxious, that I could be caught at any moment, but it also made me feel excited! I got butterflies in my tummy, getting more brave with every photo. I remember giggling to myself, like I was obviously doing something naughty, but I like it. Come look at my photos and exclusive HD video and let me know if you like them too. ;)

To Perfect Days and Loving Ways,

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