My huge delicious muffin top!

August 31, 2013 LadyDreamz 0

I absolutely love this new top and waist belt that i wear up high under my boobs cause it's simply too small to wear any lower even stretched to its max, and all of that lovely large belly muffin top all squeezed into a very tiny chair i can barely fit into , in this set i turn and squeeze myself in and out and all around in the tiny chair in every which way i can possibly get!! Hope you guys are enjoying my grand opening <3


August 31, 2013 ms-iona 0

 :-* Hey Guys in this weeks video i have uploaded an 11 minute face stuffing video full of burgers and ribs to stuff in my sexy fat belly while i stop for belly rubs and chat not to be missed come and see me indulge myself i just love burgers and ribs there my fav :kiss2:  i need to get this body looking so good so why not have fun and stuff xx

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Bubble blowing pear with a sexy bubble booty… Cookie rocks her bubblegum!

August 31, 2013 redhottie 0

Don't miss bubblegum blowing princess Cookie at this week. This bratty booty queen blows some nice bubbles while chewing and smacking her gum, while you grovel at her feet and beg for her attention. Lots of great POV shots in this set of the bubbles and the booty. And plenty of video so you can watch her blowing big bubbles, sucking them back in loudly, and licking the sticky gum off her lips, into her hot, wet mouth. You get awesome views of her big thighs and jiggly belly, as she stands over you, blowing sweet candy bubbles, and popping her gum impatiently. Join SSBBWs Gone Wild for the best in fat fetish content with the biggest baddest babes around. Rockin' your fetish world, REDhottie

Buldging Bellies at the Gym with Reenaye &amp; Devilyn

August 31, 2013 ivy 0

Join my super fat friends and I as we work out at the gym together letting our huge bellies hang out for all to see! Let's be honest, though. Us three lazy super fatties didn't get much working out done! We are far too out of shape for that nonsense! Of course, we since we did do a little working out we rushed to the closest fast food restaurant after our little workout to be sure that we didn't accidentally lose any weight!

See the full set and video at!

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Sasha’s Hot Tub Strip Down!

August 30, 2013 BigCutieSasha 0

I was in the forest at a cabin that had a hot tub next to the house in the middle of the trees. So I put on my fat bikini and somehow climbed my huge ass into the hot tub! Not only did it feel amazing to get naked in but it was amazing to see how much water my huge body poured out of the hot tub as I sat down! My fat body just takes up so much space! I love it!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Tight Squeeze tube dress !

August 30, 2013 LadyDreamz 0

So I went shopping on a trip to Orlando with my sexy friend Reenaye Starr and i found this amazing maxi tube dress that matched my hair perfectly I just hadddd to get it I love the way it fits perfect to my curves and belly you can see the outline of everything! Hope all of you are enjoying the grand opening sets so far <3 messege me if you have any requests ^_~

Blake Monarch takes off her bikini to get some sun on her massive rolls

August 30, 2013 redhottie 0

Blake Monarch takes advantage of a beautiful day at to relax in the jacuzzi and get some sun. Her bikini was getting too tight, so she decides to soak up some sun in the nude while she enjoys the warm water on her jiggly rolls and curves. Her belly and soft rolls look amazing in this photo from the set, you can really see how she's put on weight. Join Redhot Phatgirlz and see all our hot and sexy bbws under one roof. If you like big sexy women, it's your dream come true. Dozens of fat girls of every size and shape in weekly updated pro shot content that shows off every dimple! We know what fat lovers want to see, and we deliver! Kisses, REDhottie

Big Cutie Trysta ~ Fatty in a Fiat

August 30, 2013 BigCutieTrysta 0

Meet my tiny rental car, the Fiat 500. This tiny Italian sports car is not made for the superfat, but I love driving it anyway. Come watch me try to squeeze myself into the back seat and try to unwedge the steering wheel from between my belly rolls and thighs.

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Cookie’s sexy curves in nothing but heels!

August 29, 2013 redhottie 0

We've added more pics to Cookie's black thong gallery at as she strips out of that tiny thong and showing off her big, round, bubble butt and long, thick legs in some very sexy poses. If you love big curvy butts, you won't want to miss this week's update! Redhot Phatgirlz is like your own private BBW wonderland. Fat girls of every shape and size in alluring photo layouts shot with the discriminating fat lover in mind. It's the art off BBW adult entertainment. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Bigcutie Kennedy- Juicy Jiggles

August 29, 2013 BigCutieKennedy 0

Hope ya'll are having a fantastic week! Its almost Labor Day weekend and I know a lot of people have parties…. speaking of parties my 26th birthday is in one week! (September 4th) so you know I will celebrating my birthday this weekend with lots of friends. Hope you all have a fantastic and safe Labor Day weekend!

XOXO Kennedy

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Whatever I like…

August 28, 2013 Asshley 0

Just updated to is a retro set of photos of my super sized self in some extra cute panties and a t-shirt that say's it all!  I just loved this t shirt but I bet most of you can tell that my fat ass outgrew this tiny shirt.  It was pretty hard to get on in this picture but when I tried it on recently for comparison pictures I couldn't pull it down very far.  Now do what I like you to do and get to and check out this set of pictures…..


August 28, 2013 ms-iona 0

 :-* Hey all i have re opened my vavavoom site and here to stay this time so excited to be doing loads of new amazing content for you in the coming weeks.

come over and check out all my sites content you will not dissapointed so much fat on my pale white skin and massive boobs what could be hotter than this

at the moment on my site i have just uploaded an 11 min face stuffing video and also a big mac stuffing 15 mins video all for you pleasure x

come see me stretch my big huge stomach to the max.

Scottish , black haired , dreamy blue eyes and pale skin and delicious fat if you want to see more come and join me at

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BigCutie Cherries – Pudgy Purple Passion

August 28, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

I just love lingerie, especially the kind that allows my belly to poke out from all different sides. And high heels. I love how sexy they are and how they make me feel. This lingerie and high heels make me look and feel so sexy! Also, has anyone noticed how big my butt looks lately? I feel like you can really tell in some of these pictures.

Come see for yourself :)
More Cherries!

Pear shaped princess Cookie smacks her gum and blows big, sweet bubbles POV

August 28, 2013 redhottie 0

Bubble butt princess Cookie is at it again at , chewing and smacking a big wad of bubblegum, blowing sweet, sticky bubbles while you beg for her attention. Lots of great POV shots in this set, and some great video, as this bottom heavy beauty stands over you, blowing big bubbles and sucking them back in loudly because you bore her. This bratty babe puts on quite the show, with both big bubbles, and small ones, playing with her gum, and licking some small bubbles back in her mouth to pop them with a warm, wet tongue. A great update with a sexy pear for bubblegum fetish lovers, mouth fetishists, and ass men! Rockin' your fetish world, REDhottie

BigCutie Britt is Big Blue!

August 28, 2013 BigCutieBritt 0

Hey you ;) Ready or not, here I come, big and dressed in blue!  But just barely, as it seems that clothes like to burst off of me more than they like to stay on, and this set is no exception to that! Come see! *wink* And can I just mention that I love how soft my belly looks (and is), hehe!


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BigCutie CALLIE Weighs In!

August 28, 2013 BigCutieCallie 0

The weight is finally over! Yes I went there, but it's true. I have had many people asking me my measurements and how much I weigh, but I didn't own a scale so I wasn't able to tell them. Now I can! I haven't weighed myself in a couple of months and I have to say that I am a bit surprised by my new weight…. well more then a bit!
I guess I didn't realize how much I was really growing, and it's exciting to see all the changes. If you're curious to see- come watch over 10 minutes of exclusive HD quality video.  Watch a preview on my youtube channel, link below ;)

To Perfect Days and Loving Ways,

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Blake Monarch enjoys some sun on her soft, spreading rolls in the jacuzzi!

August 27, 2013 redhottie 0

Blake Monarch has been filling out nicely, just look at how she overflows her bikini at . And speaking of filling out, just look at all that booty she's got these days! Watch Blake relax in the jacuzzi, getting nekkid to get some sun on her massive belly and rolls, enjoying the warm water on her growing curves. You'll even get to watch her enjoy her favorite waterproof toy in a sizzling masturbation video with this set. If you like big, sexy girls, then Redhot Phatgirlz is the answer to your fantasies. Come on over and make your summer a little bit hotter. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Billowed out body stocking*

August 27, 2013 bigcutiebonnie 0

Hi everyone :)

I know this body stocking isn't the exact same as the one I wore before (this one has sleeves) but it is the same size!

I wanted to show off how much tighter it was against my fat jigglypuff and how much it had to stretch for me to fit inside, and then I realised that the last time I had done a video in the bath was such a long time ago!

The bath was really wide, (unlike my sisters that my fat arse got stuck in!)I was so shocked and thrilled at how difficult it was for me to move once I had climbed in, how tiny I made it look in the video and how little water I needed once I had settled in! :D

I hope you all enjoy watching me splash about like a great big fat hippo!

Bonnie & Jigglypuff x0x0x

Get in MY BELLY donuts!

August 26, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

Hi all. I just added a video to my site where i lounge on my couch in very little and eat a bag of powdered donuts. I also chat about what's happened to my life since my hiatus. I even explain how i got that big 4 inch scar on my belly  I am working with a new camera for filming, so it's not perfect but i still enjoyed it enough to share. Come by to see this new 7+ minute video!

*BC Summer – City Break*

August 26, 2013 BigCutieSummer 0

Even in the city, you can find me reveling in a nice comfortable bed! I needed a break! I still wanted to share it with you.

I'm sure if you had (or have had) the pleasure of hanging out with me, or another giantess like myself, you would make sure she had any breaks she might need ;)

Here is the link to my current preview:




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Naughty Rose masturbates while you watch

August 26, 2013 redhottie 0

Rose gets undressed and ready for bed, and decides to give her fans a little show at this week. She begins to play with her pussy and stroke her clit, being watched makes her so horny! Join and see the hot video with this set, and also get access to dozens of other fat and sexy beauties in exclusive, pro shot content. If you like 'em big, it's the place you want to be. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

BigCutie Verona in Skin Tight

August 25, 2013 BigCutieVerona 0

Hey Everyone!
So ever since I've become a BigCutie the absolute last thing on my to-do list is count calories.
I've been enjoying all my favorite foods and treats without any regard for how they affect the fit of my clothes.
In this set you'll see how a pair of jeggings I was wearing all summer last year can hardly even make it up past
my knees now and you'll also have the pleasure of watching how things typically go every time I try to fit my
legs into a pair of pantyhose ;)
Hope you enjoy the results.

Lots of Love,

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BigCutie Veelynn – Balloons Abound

August 24, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

Balloons Balloons everywhere! This set was fun and entertaining to do. Plenty of round, bouncy, and colorful balloons! I found that putting one between my thighs was especially comfortable. I didn't stop there though, I also sat on them, laid on them, and used them as a handy boob rest! So many fun positions and plenty of curves. Watch me in the HD video playfully pop balloons with my body and giggle in surprise at each pop!

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Bikini Bustin’ Babe!

August 24, 2013 ivy 0

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can basically live in a bikini!! I always wear one to the pool, the beach, to lay out in my yard, and even sometimes to do yard work in! They're so comfy and I do love to show off my awesome fat body!! I had a ton of fun shooting this set in my brand new green bikini, but sadly right after I finished shooting and was jiggling my booty around the room and dancing and I somehow managed to bust the string off of one of the bottoms completely ruining them! Whooops!!!

Check out the full set and my new bikini fat chat video at!

For a video of me chatting about all the issues that I deal with as a fatty in the summertime, check out!